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Giving Tuesday-Students Helping Our Peers (SHOP)

Support the SHOP and their mission to promote food security for ISU students, faculty, and staff!

Giving Tuesday-Students Helping Our Peers (SHOP)

While ISU students, faculty and staff are hard at work learning, teaching, and becoming leaders in the state, nation, and beyond, many are also facing challenges in food security. In National College Health Assessment, completed every two years, over 24% of students at Iowa State University indicated they were food insecure.

To help ensure all ISU students are able to access food and receive needed nutrition, SHOP (Students Helping Our Peers) was created in 2011 when students in the department of Food Science and Human Nutrition opened an on-campus food pantry. 

Photo by: Andrew Doherty

SHOP’s mission is to “engage with anti-hunger advocates and serve the student population by increasing hunger awareness and food security”, and they do this by providing free, non-perishable food and personal care items for ISU students, inlcluding pasta, ready-to-eat meals, canned fruits and vegetables, soap, and toothbrushes, as well as household cleaning items.                                                                                

The number of students served has increased over the years since SHOP has opened, from 60-110 students a month in 2015 to upwards of 30 students per week in 2019. SHOP serves these students and operates with the help of their students volunteers and staff, who help promote food security on ISU's campus. 

Currently, SHOP is located in room 2616 in the Food Sciences Building, with remote locations in Frederiksen Court and Schilletter and University Village. SHOP hopes to expand its space and services to continue supporting food security on Iowa State's campus-to do this they need help from ISU alumni and friends! 

Photo by: Lindsay MacNab

In addition to helping to provide food items and supplies to ISU students, faculty and staff, gifts to SHOP will support: 

  • A robust storage, space organization, and shelving including an inventory system
  • Improved technology, such as refrigeration to help supply items such as fresh fruits and vegetables to individuals served by SHOP
  • Physical expansion of SHOP, to ensure as many people as possible facing food security on ISU's campus as served

To find out more about SHOP, click here: Thank you for your gift and for supporting SHOP! Every dollar counts in helping all members of the ISU community achieve food security!

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