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Robotics Club 2021

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Robotics Club 2021

[Some media content was taken before March 2020 and the COVID-19 Pandemic.]


The Robotics Club at Iowa State University is focused on bringing technical knowledge and interest in robotics to students at Iowa State University. During previous years, we have participated in competitions and outreach events at local schools and on the ISU campus. For the past year, our general meetings have focused on introducing robotics concepts, research, and real-world implementation.

A diagram of Robot Operating System, also known as ROS

Robot Operating System (ROS) Diagram

This year, there are three main projects: an autonomous snowplow, a lower-body exoskeleton suit, and combat robotics. Autonomous Snowplow is tasked with clearing a predetermined area of snow without any human input; they can only use algorithms, computer vision, and additional sensors.

A picture of a metal snowplow with large treaded tires, and the wires, electronic controls, and motors open for view
Wiring the Autonomous Snowplow

ExoSuit provides external support to a person, increasing possible weight lifted and extending the time before physical exhaustion. They're scored on design, an obstacle course, and efficiency. 

A picture of the lower half of a man is moving around in a metal exoskeleton suit, lined with motors and wires
Exoskeleton Suit Testing

Combat Robotics has placed their previous 30 lbs. robot on pause to hold an in-house miniature robot competition. Small teams will compete against each other using 3D-printed robots.

A picture of a partially dissembled combat robot with wires and motors visible
Previous Combat Robot

 Robotics Club has continued to grow throughout the past year, and we need your help to support our members and prepare for the future! Donations help us pay for materials, manufacturing costs, and future travel expenses once we can safely attend competitions. We're also looking to purchase shelves and products to help us organize our new space in the Student Innovation Center on campus.


If you want to learn more about our club, please check out our website!

We're also on Twitter @ISU_Robotics!

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