Giving Tuesday: Support Students in Critical Need

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Giving Tuesday 2022: Supporting Students In Critical Need

The Iowa State University Foundation and Iowa State University are working together to support students’ critical needs, so they can focus on achieving their goals and receiving an exceptional Iowa State education. 

As a land-grant university, Iowa State plays a central role in preparing graduates who are highly sought-after for their practical knowledge, positive work ethic and strong leadership skills. But unexpected challenges can mean some students must leave school before fulfilling the dream of an Iowa State degree. 

With a gift on Giving Tuesday, you can give a student the lifeline they need to cross that bridge into their future as a proud Cyclone graduate. 


The student-run STUDENTS HELPING OUR PEERS (SHOP) program coordinates Iowa State’s on-campus food pantry. Over the last decade, SHOP has provided food and personal care items to thousands of Iowa State University students, faculty and staff. Need is increasing rapidly. During September 2022, SHOP recorded 1,020 visits and distributed over 14,000 pounds of food, over triple the average of fall 2021



The STORIES (Students on the Rise in Educational Success) program provides resources and a community for foster youth, homeless and other independent students. 

Less than three percent of foster youth nationally receive a bachelor’s degree. Even after federal aid, the costs and challenges can be insurmountable: college-bound foster youth who age out of foster care, apart from rare circumstances, have no financial sponsor or safety net. Many also experience food insecurity and lack a stable, permanent residence. 

STORIES helps these students reach graduation by connecting them with on-campus resources like free tutoring, deferment of fees, support from professionals specializing in advocacy and student empowerment, social service agencies and – perhaps most importantly – a community of peers who can relate to and support each other.  


Emergency and completion grants 

Emergency and completion grants are a critical lifeline for students in danger of leaving the university due to unmet financial need. For them, an award is more than money – it’s a bridge to the graduation stage and to their futures.  

This need especially impacts students who have traditionally faced an opportunity gap in higher education. To ensure the success of all Iowa State students, financial support is needed to overcome these challenges. Often, a relatively small sum will fill the financial gap and keep students on track to complete their education.  

Completion grants help students towards the end of their college careers. These seniors and juniors are good candidates for graduation but have an outstanding U-bill or other expenses and have tapped out other avenues for financial aid.

Emergency grants fill the need at any time during a student's education when they find themselves struggling to pay bills due to an emergency that is out of their control and they have exhausted all other financial resources.

Iowa State University was founded on the ideals of access and inclusion: serving all students who seek a high-quality education. Thank you for considering this unique way to make a profound difference in individuals’ lives. Your gift will help ensure that every student motivated to complete an Iowa State degree is able to fulfill that dream – and that Iowa State is able to graduate the future Cyclones the world needs! 

Other ways to make your gift: 


Checks can be made payable to ISU Foundation and mailed to: 

ISU Foundation 

PO Box 2230 

Ames, IA 50010 

Payroll deduct  

Iowa State University employees may use a printable payroll deduct form that can be mailed or returned to:  

ISU Foundation 

PO Box 2230 

Ames, IA 50010 

If you have questions or would like to discuss your gift with an ISU Foundation staff member, please email or call 1 866 342 2787. 

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